Malvern College Switzerland, a member school of the Malvern family.
Founded on a history of academic excellence spanning 155 years, MCS is a perfect blend of Swiss private school traditions and British style education.
Building on the long tradition of excellence at Malvern College and the know-how and enthusiasm of our dedicated team in Switzerland, the pupils can look forward to an enriching experience.

Aiming to continue traditions instilled over a century of experience, Malvern College Switzerland is home to pupils looking to become part of these traditions, as well as some local Alpine ones.

An outstanding home nestled in the majestic Swiss Alps.

Malvern College Switzerland At A Glance

Welcome from our CEO

Dear Parents,

Education continues to play a vital role in the life and future success of every young person. To succeed in today’s global society, the modern international student has an advantage, having already lived the lifestyle of learning, developing and growing in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment.

Recognising the advantages, international educational opportunities has become the highest priority for parents. Today there are many different aspects which affect the creation and development of a young personality. Every parent is aware of the importance of making the right decision about the place, the society, and the educational institution they can totally trust when it comes to their own child’s education.

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Mr George Makhviladze
CEO & Founder

MCS Mission & Vision

MCS Pupils learn how to take responsibility, and communicate ideas, all while building confidence and becoming creative innovators.

Our Goal

Our intention is to foster self-improvement without sacrificing self-identity; to reach for the stars without losing touch with our essential selves; to transcend the boundaries of current thinking, and to tap into the priceless wisdom of previous generations, thus maximising the human potential of our students through the creation of powerful educational systems.

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide students with an innovative education that maximises the realisation of their individual talents, enables them to be ready for careers, prepares them to become global citizens, and for success in a technology and information driven 21st century economy.

Our Mission

Building on academic success and tradition
The Malvern College International Family
Malvern College was founded in 1865 when the town was prominent as a spa. It opened with just two dozen boys and half a dozen masters. The railway was beginning to make travelling easier and the Malvern Hills were reputed to have health-giving qualities that London and the surrounding areas did not possess.

Throughout the years, subsequent to Malvern College's foundation, the College experienced significant growth, many changes, and many challenges. Through the turmoil of both World Wars, Malvern College lost many of its brave young men who sacrificed their lives for the cause who are honoured to this day.
Founded in 2012
Malvern College Qingdao
Founded in 2015
Malvern College Chengdu
Founded in 2016
Malvern College Egypt
Founded in 2017
Malvern College Hong Kong
Founded in 2021
Malvern College Switzerland
Founded in 2023
Malvern College Tokyo
We believe that these values will enable our pupils to grow whilst they are with us and that they will become a bedrock for their futures. The Malvern Qualities are enduring human values which we have found, over time, equip our pupils for life's challenges, enabling them to adapt and succeed in a rapidly evolving world.

At Malvern College, we actively promote a set of well-tested values which we call the Malvern Qualities.

Malvern Qualities

Do you feel that you take responsibility for yourself? Are you self motivated?
Are you audacious and do you take risks to explore new experiences? Do you challenge yourself to do things you find difficult? Are you willing to try new things or do you prefer to stick to the orthodox? Are you resourceful in unfamiliar circumstances?
Are you true to your own belief and are you honest with yourself? Do you feel that you have a strong moral compass?
Do you pursue knowledge and understanding for its own sake? Do you seek to know more and explore new things? Do you ask lots of questions to enable you to deepen your understanding. Are you confident in the value of your interests?
Are you working with others to bring about the greater good? Do you know when and how to include others? Can you make the most of the strengths and qualities of others?
Do you look after others? Are you considerate and compassionate? Are you able to show appreciation of what others offer?
Are you able to recognise and value a range of options? Are you receptive to new ideas? Can you see issues from a range of perspectives and do you embrace a global outlook?
Do you acknowledge that individual success often relies on team effort? Do you see that success is important but that it is not everything? Do you recognise that others may not be as privileged as you?
Do you wish to do the best you can and make the most of every opportunity afforded to you? Do you believe that effort will improve your future prospects? Do you let others hold you back?
Do you understand your own strengths and weaknesses and are you reflective and take responsibility for yourself and your actions? Do you set yourself targets? Are you aware of the impression you create and display excellent manners accordingly?
Do you respond positively to setbacks, and face challenges with confidence and good humour? Can you see failures as an inevitable part of learning and improving who you are? Do you finish what you start?