About Us
Malvern College Switzerland, a member school of the Malvern family, has an outstanding home nestled in the majestic Swiss Alps. Aiming to continue traditions instilled over a century of experience, Malvern College Switzerland is home to pupils looking to become part of these traditions, as well as some local Alpine ones.

Building on the long tradition of excellence at Malvern College and the know-how and enthusiasm of our dedicated team in Switzerland, the pupils can look forward to an enriching experience.
MCS Pupils learn how to take responsibility, and communicate ideas, all while building confidence and becoming creative innovators.
Our Goal
Our intention is to foster self-improvement without sacrificing self-identity; to reach for the stars without losing touch with our essential selves; to transcend the boundaries of current thinking, and to tap into the priceless wisdom of previous generations, thus maximising the human potential of our students through the creation of powerful educational systems.
Our Vision
Our mission is to provide students with an innovative education that maximises the realisation of their individual talents, enables them to be ready for careers, prepares them to become global citizens, and for success in a technology and information driven 21st century economy.
Our Mission
MCS Academic Team
Paul Shelley
Art, Design
Tertiary qualifications:
Art Foundation (Nottingham Trent), BA Graphic Communication (Northampton),
PGCE (Loughborough)
Nikki Bows
Tertiary qualifications:
Modern Languages
BA Modern Languages and Cultures (Durham), MEd Leadership in Learning (Birmingham City), PGDE (Birmingham City)
John Smallwood
Tertiary qualifications:
Physics, Biology
BSc Physics (Sheffield), PGCE (Sheffield Hallam)
Megan Cumberlidge
Tertiary qualifications:
BEng Architectural Engineering (Cardiff),
PGCE (Nottingham)
Chris Watts
Tertiary qualifications:
Chemistry, Biology
PGCE (King's College London), MSc Health Economics (City), MA Educational Leadership (Bath)
Lindsey Thomas
Tertiary qualifications:
English, SEN, EAL
BA English Literature (Cardiff), PGCE (Cheltenham)
Scott Lancaster
Tertiary qualifications:
History, Geography, Economics
PGCE (King's College London), MSc Health Economics (City), MA Educational Leadership (Bath)
Katie Brewster
Tertiary qualifications:
BA English Literature (Cardiff), PGCE (Cheltenham)
Rowena Dunlop
Tertiary qualifications:
Art & Design
BA English Literature (Cardiff), PGCE (Cheltenham)
Malvern College Switzerland (MCS) pupils are provided with a rigorous and stimulating academic experience based on the British national curriculum.

The curriculum is available from the ages of 11-18, starting with Pre-IGCSE in Y7, Y8, and Y9. Pupils then progress to the IGCSE programme for Y10 & Y11, and finish with A Level courses (Y12 & Y13).

Courses are enhanced through MCS's innovative approach to co-curricular activities and to Project-based Learning. Pupils are provided with an unrivalled opportunity to make the most of their education as they progress through their most important years of development.
Academic Excellence
“MCS offers the gold standard of British academic qualifications from IGCSE to A Levels.”
Super Curriculum
“An eclectic range of different clubs and societies for personal development and academic enrichment”
Athletics & Sports Clubs
“Sports and outdoor activities are plentiful at MCS; the unique Alpine setting and outstanding village facilities allow for an exceptional co-curricular experience.”
"The school feels very homely, all the other students are nice, and the teachers are accommodating. There is always someone that you can find to talk to. It's never been difficult to adjust here and if people are homesick, they feel very taken care of - like family even if they are far away from home. I must say that the accommodations is also beautiful as is the food. "
MCS is a very homely school.
"I feel that there is a great environment for learning here because all teachers put in a great effort. They have lots of patience for all students and take time to adapt to all levels. The sizes of the classes help with this. Teachers are very creative in how they design different activities in class for us to better understand the subject."
The teachers are so creative.
"As a competitive skier I think MSC is ideal. It's really nice because it's in the Alps and very close to the ski slopes. As I'm in-and-out all the time competing, I can generally get on the slopes in around 30 mins or less which is much better than a city campus. The school itself very good, and all the lessons are great. When I'm not here I miss it quite a bit, and I like the that lessons are long so when I am here, I can enjoy them. I can also catch up in the evening."
Perfect for any level of skier.
Bonding with your peers through student-led clubs.
"One great aspect of being a new and small school is that more students can pursue their own interests. As such the student council are proposing to encourage their peers to form their own clubs and societies based on their interests. It is the perfect opportunity to meet like minded students and form strong bonds on common interests. Such examples have already started to thrive within MCS such as the Japanese club, choir and the eco committee. The eco committee is chaired by myself and Miss Cumberlidge where we aim to make the school more environmentally friendly, we have a variety of leadership roles that need to be fulfilled and encourage students to take an interest in helping and learning about the environment."
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