The First British-Branded Boarding School in Switzerland
Meet the Headmaster and Director of Admissions for a video presentation and Q&A session.

January 25, 2022 (3pm Swiss time)
MCS Admissions In-Person & Online Events 2021.
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MCS Admissions In-Person & Online Events 2021.
Please leave your contact information here so that we may get in touch and arrange a school presentation.
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MCS Admissions In-Person & Online Events 2021.
Please leave your contact information here so that we may get in touch and arrange a school presentation.
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Founded on a history of academic excellence spanning 155 years in the UK, Malvern College Switzerland is proud to provide the best of British education in a unique and stunning Alpine village Leysin.
During this webinar MCS Partners will be given information covering our academic strategy, offers for the 2022-2023 academic year, admissions requirements as well as important visa and travel guidelines.
20 Jan
MCS Agent Workshop
Meet the Headmaster and Director of Admissions for a video presentation and Q & A session. Register for online Zoom webinar now.
25 Jan
MCS Open Day
Malvern College Switzerland is more than an education, it's a family for life
MCS has a strong alumni community around the world. More than 200 alumni successfully live and work in Switzerland.
Jane Owen is currently Her Majesty's Ambassador to the Swiss Confederation and non-resident Ambassador to Liechtenstein. Jane was educated at Ellerslie School in Malvern, and Trinity College, Cambridge (BA Hons in Russian, French and German).
A Level
Pupils from
Ages 16 to 17
Ages 14 to 15
Ages 11 to 13
Malvern College Switzerland is the perfect choice for pupils from all over the world who are aiming for a top university in the UK, the US or in their own country.
Switzerland enjoys a reputation for safety and excellence in education. Offering the globally recognised gold standard of British academic qualifications, IGCSEs & A Levels,
MCS Pupils learn how to take responsibility, and communicate ideas, all while building confidence and becoming creative innovators.
Our Goal
Our intention is to foster self-improvement without sacrificing self-identity; to reach for the stars without losing touch with our essential selves; to transcend the boundaries of current thinking, and to tap into the priceless wisdom of previous generations, thus maximising the human potential of our students through the creation of powerful educational systems.
Our Vision
Our mission is to provide students with an innovative education that maximises the realisation of their individual talents, enables them to be ready for careers, prepares them to become global citizens, and for success in a technology and information driven 21st century economy.
Our Mission
"The school feels very homely, all the other students are nice, and the teachers are accommodating. There is always someone that you can find to talk to. It's never been difficult to adjust here and if people are homesick, they feel very taken care of - like family even if they are far away from home. I must say that the accommodations is also beautiful as is the food. "
MCS is a very homely school.
"I feel that there is a great environment for learning here because all teachers put in a great effort. They have lots of patience for all students and take time to adapt to all levels. The sizes of the classes help with this. Teachers are very creative in how they design different activities in class for us to better understand the subject."
The teachers are so creative.
"As a competitive skier I think MSC is ideal. It's really nice because it's in the Alps and very close to the ski slopes. As I'm in-and-out all the time competing, I can generally get on the slopes in around 30 mins or less which is much better than a city campus. The school itself very good, and all the lessons are great. When I'm not here I miss it quite a bit, and I like the that lessons are long so when I am here, I can enjoy them. I can also catch up in the evening."
Perfect for any level skiers.
Bonding with your peers through student-led clubs
"One great aspect of being a new and small school is that more students can pursue their own interests. As such the student council are proposing to encourage their peers to form their own clubs and societies based on their interests. It is the perfect opportunity to meet like minded students and form strong bonds on common interests. Such examples have already started to thrive within MCS such as the Japanese club, choir and the eco committee. The eco committee is chaired by myself and Miss Cumberlidge where we aim to make the school more environmentally friendly, we have a variety of leadership roles that need to be fulfilled and encourage students to take an interest in helping and learning about the environment."
Pupils usually start the Pre-IGCSE programme (referred to as Year 7, 8 or 9 under the British system) when they are 11, 12 or 13 years old before the academic year of entry.
CHF 55 995.-
IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education (Year 10 and 11). It is equivalent to the GCSE qualification taken by UK students to prepare them for A Levels.
CHF 57 995.-
A Levels are two year academic courses designed to lead candidates directly on to university. Candidates normally start taking four A levels, with most dropping to three in their second year. The A Level subjects on offer at Malvern College Switzerland can be found below.
CHF 59 995.-
A Level
MCS Admissions In-Person & Online Events 2021.
Thank you for your interest in Malvern College Switzerland, a proud member of the Malvern College family of schools.

Malvern College Switzerland is a unique place for pupils to thrive, blending the time-honoured traditions of a premium British boarding education with the cosmopolitan buzz of a forward-thinking international school.
Geography, Economics & Computing
Dr Tim Jefferis
Malvern College Switzerland

• What is the academic curriculum at MCS?
MCS is proud to share with Malvern UK an academic pedigree of 155 years. Often regarded as the gold-standard of academic education, MCS follows a traditional British boarding school curriculum. Years 7,8, and 9 study a pre-IGCSE curriculum covering a wide field of different subject with the aim of developing interest and curiosity. Years 10 and 11 follow the internationally recognised IGCSE programme, providing a base preparing pupils for their specialisations. In Year 12 and 13 pupils prepare for their A-levels, an academically rigorous subject-based qualification recognised by highereducations institutes world-over and are accredited by the Cambridge International Examination Body.
What sports do MCS offer its students?
MCS offers a huge array of both summer and winter sports to all its pupils, which can be played by pupils of all ranges of abilities. The village of Leysin is second to none when it comes of its infrastructure; two fully equipped sporting centres means that MCS is able offer its pupils almost every sport imaginable. This includes tennis, football, hockey, volleyball, beach volleyball, badminton, basketball, skateboarding, swimming, mountain sports, trampolining and much more. Golf, Equestrian & water sports can also be made available to your children at additional costs and with parental consent.
• What co-curricular activities do MCS offer?
There are a plethora of enrichment/co-curricular activities available at MCS. This includes the French enrichment club, debate club, Model United Nations, chess club, cooking club, Young Entrepreneurs Club, theatre, music, coding, robotics, Eco Society, as well as art and design.
Does MCS have a strong pool of Alumni?
The alumni network at Malvern College Switzerland is one of the strongest assets offer to pupils who attend the College. Part of the Malvern College family of schools, MCS pupils are exclusively able to join the alumni network known as the Malvernian Society. Alumni from the Malvern Society or 'Old Malvernians' (OM's) make up a network about 9000 strong, all of whom are there to support one another after graduation. In Switzerland alone over 200 OM's hold prominent positions in various industries. This means that MCS can tap into a pool of invaluable resources, knowledge and professional experience in order to enhance the learning experience for its pupils.
Malvern College Switzerland, a member of the Malvern College family of schools, is located the charming village of Leysin, nestled in the majestic Swiss Alps. Aiming to continue time-honoured traditions instilled over a century of experience, Malvern College Switzerland is home to pupils looking to become part of these traditions, as well as some local Alpine ones.
Malvern College Switzerland (MCS) pupils are provided with a rigorous and stimulating academic experience based on the British national curriculum.

The curriculum is available from the ages of 11-18, starting with Pre-IGCSE (Key stage 3) in Y7, Y8, and Y9. Pupils then progress to the IGCSE programme for Y10 & Y11, and finish with A Level courses (Y12 & Y13).

Courses are enhanced through MCS's innovative approach to co-curricular activities and to Project-based Learning. Pupils are provided with an unrivalled opportunity to make the most of their education as they progress through their most important years of development.
At Malvern College, we actively promote a set of well-tested values which we call the Malvern Qualities.
We believe that these values will enable our pupils to grow whilst they are with us and that they will become a bedrock for their futures. The Malvern Qualities are enduring human values which we have found, over time, equip our pupils for life's challenges, enabling them to adapt and succeed in a rapidly evolving world.
Do you respond positively to setbacks, and face challenges with confidence and good humour? Can you see failures as an inevitable part of learning and improving who you are? Do you finish what you start?
Do you understand your own strengths and weaknesses and are you reflective and take responsibility for yourself and your actions? Do you set yourself targets? Are you aware of the impression you create and display excellent manners accordingly?
Do you wish to do the best you can and make the most of every opportunity afforded to you? Do you believe that effort will improve your future prospects? Do you let others hold you back?
Do you acknowledge that individual success often relies on team effort? Do you see that success is important but that it is not everything? Do you recognise that others may not be as privileged as you?
Are you able to recognise and value a range of options? Are you receptive to new ideas? Can you see issues from a range of perspectives and do you embrace a global outlook?
Do you look after others? Are you considerate and compassionate? Are you able to show appreciation of what others offer?
Are you working with others to bring about the greater good? Do you know when and how to include others? Can you make the most of the strengths and qualities of others?
Do you pursue knowledge and understanding for its own sake? Do you seek to know more and explore new things? Do you ask lots of questions to enable you to deepen your understanding. Are you confident in the value of your interests?
Are you true to your own belief and are you honest with yourself? Do you feel that you have a strong moral compass?
Are you audacious and do you take risks to explore new experiences? Do you challenge yourself to do things you find difficult? Are you willing to try new things or do you prefer to stick to the orthodox? Are you resourceful in unfamiliar circumstances?
Do you feel that you take responsibility for yourself? Are you self motivated?
Mr. Watts
Physics, Biology
Miss. Cumberlidge
Mr. Smallwood
Physics, Biology
Mrs. Pattison
English, SEN, EAL
Mr. Ellis
Art, Design
Miss. Bows
Modern Languages
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Malvern College Switzerland
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Route de Belvedere, 35
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+ 41 79 133 6000
+ 41 24 477 6000